Why is money "running away" from us? You probably also noticed that as soon as you buy something, immediately empty your wallet.And the same thing happens with money. You receive a salary, but the money "run away" from you is not a single penny that you received, but a whole "array" of products and services. In this article, we will talk about how to learn how to "make friends" with your finances in order to find prosperity and a new life.Why money "runs away" from us?1) We live in a paycheck-to-paycheck mode There is a reason for this, no matter how much we would like to change it. In life, everything happens for a reason. In finances, the same "luck" appears for everyone, including those who know a thing or two about money. Maybe it's time to give up the myth that "it's not for nothing that you say, that the devil is not a blessing, and he does not love." 2) We live in a paycheck-to-paycheck mode Because we expect so much more from our work.We are used to spending "zero" everything that we earn. We are convinced that a person should receive for good works. But in reality, not everything is as simple as we imagine it.Finance is a person's business. And a person's business is influenced by everything that he knows and understands.What should I do to always be "in the money"?The first thing to do is to define what "money" is, what its characteristics are, and how it can be divided into various useful pieces.2) we are very fond of counting money Things that bring us "benefits", we do not abandon them in the slightest. We count money with a huge "plus" in our pockets (and a "minus" in our wallet). We calculate all expenses, save up "financial fat", and invest regularly (buying foreign currency, stocks, and other financial instruments). 3) we don't keep track of expensesOur money, like our health, is under constant attack. So if you have an "expensive" habit of always "shopping for the next best thing", then you can quickly "eat up" all the money you earn.This is one of the" secrets " of rich people, because they were well aware that in order to have a strong financial "arm" you should have a strong "financial cushion".And medical examinations are not among them. 4) we don't develop the habits of a financially literate personOur financial habits are determined by what is delivered to us every day. Our daily actions, their content and timing are determined by our" marketing " and advertising. Your daily actions, too, are significantly influenced by what you have in your pocket and in your Bank account.5

Why is money

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